Гуслі II

Hoosli II

Title: Hoosli II - Гуслі II

Release Date: December 1, 1984

Format: Vinyl


  1. Ой пущу я кониченька (I Will Set My Horse Free)
  2. Гей ну хлопці до зброї (Pick Up Your Weapons, Boys)
  3. Над річкою (On The River)
  4. Де Дніпро наш котить хвилі (Where The Waves of Our Dnipro Roll)
  5. Розвивайся ой ти старий дубе (Bloom, You Old Oak Tree)
  6. Наш Отаман Гамалія (Our Otaman Hamaliya)
  7. Ой у полі верба (In The Field There is a Willow Tree)
  8. Розлягалася тумани (The Fog Spread)
  9. Стрілецьким Шляхом (By the Rifleman’s Path)
  10. Козацька в’язанка (Kozak Medley)

About Release:

A group of dramatic compositions which reflect Ukraine’s dynamic past. In 1984, the second recording of Hoosli was released. This edition was available on LP and cassette and included 10 songs. The choir consisted of 17 members.

Limited copies of this of this album may be available directly from Hoosli. Please contact us for details.


  • Michael Zakaluzny, Choral Director
  • Brian Cherwick, Associate Choral & Orchestral Director
  • Thomas Sobkow, Artistic Director



  • Ken Bailey
  • Greg Balak
  • Joe Dudych
  • Leo Gusztak
  • Danny Lega
  • Gary Lukie
  • Ron Lukie


  • Danny Gusztak
  • Ihor Holinka
  • Jim Keller
  • Greg Yakimischak


  • Tom Dudych
  • Leo Luch
  • Russ Luch
  • Greg Musick
  • Merv Prosak
  • Walter Szutiak


  • Brian Cherwick
  • Russ Dorosh
  • Brian Holding
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Mike Klym
  • Peter Kowal
  • Garrett Wasny
  • Bill Zulak

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