Hoosli I

Title: Hoosli - Гуслі

Release Date: December 1, 1976

Format: Vinyl


  1. Нумо друзі у танець (Friends! Let’s Dance)
  2. Сусідка (Neighbour)
  3. Ой гоп так і так (Let’s Dance, Handzia!)
  4. Стоїть явір (The Standing Maple)
  5. Та орав мужик (The Peasant Plowed)
  6. Чабан (Shepherd)
  7. Дебречина (As I walked home from Debrechyn)
  8. Ой нема, нема (There’s No Wave, Nor Wind)
  9. Хмелю (Oh hops, my green hops)
  10. Чику (Where are you coming from?)
  11. Гей видно село (Hey, You Can See The Village)
  12. Коломийка (Kolomyjka)

About Release:

An album drawn from our rich Ukrainian choral heritage of folk and religious music. In 1976, the first recording of Hoosli was released. This edition was on an LP, composed of 12 songs. Choir consisted of 24 members. In expanding the activities of the St. Vladimir’s College Alumni Choir, a need was felt to develop a new name… brief, distinct, yet meaningful. And so the name ‘Hoosli’ was chosen. It gave birth to the group’s first album. The name, unfamiliar to many, is that of an ancient instrument similar to a zither. The instrument represents versatility. For it produces not only music, but a feeling as well… the gentle strains of an attitude… the fire of a belief. That’s precisely what the group Hoosli does.

This album is no longer available.


  • Walter Zulak


First Tenors

  • Ken Bailey
  • Leo Gusztak
  • Colin Hardy
  • Gary Kinaschuk
  • Tom Sobkow
  • Mike Zakaluzny

Second Tenors

  • Terry Kulyk
  • Mike Kuzyk
  • Myron Kuzyk
  • Gary Lukie
  • Wanye Senick


  • Joe Dudych
  • Steve Gembarsky
  • Dan Lega
  • Brian Lukie


  • Bill Chabluk
  • Dan Gusztak
  • Jim Keller
  • Peter Kubish
  • Walter Kulyk
  • Ron Lukie
  • Bill Zulak
  • Don Sobko
  • Nestor Budyk

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