A name unfamiliar to many, the Hoosli is an ancient Ukrainian musical instrument similar to a zither. It represents versatility and vitality, for it produces not only music, but a feeling as well. It is both a connection to the past and a song to the future.

What began as the St. Vladimir’s College Alumni Choir in 1969 has now grown into an internationally recognized Ukrainian choir proudly preserving a unique tradition of male choral music. Over the years, nearly 200 men have poured their hearts and souls into Hoosli, and have helped pass on the spirit and song of the kozaky to this day. Hoosli has performed all over North America, recorded 10 albums, and continually inspires audiences with its majestic four-part harmonies and lively performances.

Under the direction of conductor Tadeusz Biernacki, Hoosli continues to showcase our Ukrainian heritage through its repertoire of liturgical music and traditional folk songs, as well as the patriotic songs of Ukraine and the kozaky.

Hoosli is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Support Ukraine with Song: Sheet Music Available!

We’ve prepared translated and transliterated musical arrangements of Ще не вмерла України, the Ukrainian Nation Anthem and Молитва за рідний край  (Prayer for Ukraine) for a four-part male chorus which we are happy to share! Read more here.


Anthem of the Ukrainian Army

On February 24th, in the face of an unjust and unprovoked invasion, Ukraine and her armed forces showed the world the meaning of valour and determination. We are humbled and inspired.

To mark this solemn occasion Hoosli and Zrada have recorded «Марш Нової Армії» – Anthem of the Ukrainian Army. We honour the heroes in Ukraine and the allies of freedom and democracy that continue to support Ukraine. «Соборна Українска є Держава, одна на вік вона серцях у нас.» Read more here.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

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