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Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus
Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus
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Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus
Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus
Celebrating 45 years of Spirit & Song
Hoosli - a name unfamiliar to many is that of an ancient Ukrainian instrument similar to a zither. It represents versatility and vitality, for it produces not only music, but a feeling as well.
The gentle strains of an attitude.
The fire of belief in our beautiful Ukrainian heritage.
In September of 1969, a dozen or so young men from St. Vladimir’s College (High school/Minor seminary in Roblin, Manitoba) organized a choir which would eventually become known as the Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus. Their objectives were to encourage, promote and preserve their Ukrainian culture and heritage through spirit and song.
What began as the St. Vladimir’s College Alumni Choir has now grown into an internationally recognized male chorus proudly preserving a unique tradition of male choral music. Over the past 47 years, more than 170 men have poured their hearts and souls into Hoosli, and have helped pass on the spirit and song of the kozaky to this day. Hoosli has performed all over North America, recorded eight albums, and continually inspires audiences with its majestic four-part harmony.
Under the direction of renowned conductor William Solomon, Hoosli continues to showcase our Ukrainian heritage through its repertoire of liturgical music and traditional folk songs, as well as the patriotic songs of Ukraine and the kozaky.
Welcome and enjoy the Hoosli website. Будьмо!
Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus