Regular Mail:

PO Box 3632
C-1155 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R2W 5M3


If you would like Hoosli to perform for you, you may also contact:
Tom Dudych at (204) 589-1880 or Christopher Sklepowich at (204) 981-9645.


If you would like to audition, please contact us by e-mail. Hoosli practices Wednesday evenings at Prosvita Hall in Winnipeg.

Digital Media

Our more recent albums are available on Spotify (Newer albums are listed under Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus and older albums under Hoosli Ukrainian Folk Ensemble). We’re also on Apple Music and some one-off and seasonal recordings are available on YouTube.

Physical Albums

All current releases and limited quantities of older releases may be purchased by contacting us by e-mail, A number of retailers also stock our recordings:

In Winnipeg:

  • Kalyna Bookstore (952 Main Street)
  • Oseredok (184 Alexander Avenue)
  • Svitoch (621 Selkirk Avenue)
  • Ukrainian Voice (842 Main Street)

Outside Winnipeg:


Social Media