Winnipeg – Today, the Winnipeg-based Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus (Hoosli) announced the launch of a recruitment process to seek out its new Choir Conductor. The process is expected to take up to three months, depending on the number of interested candidates. With Hoosli’s 50th anniversary on the horizon in 2019, the group is setting out to solidify its artistic direction with the help of a top-caliber choral conductor. Building on the successes of the past five decades, Hoosli is preparing to embark on a year-long artistic journey that will celebrate the accomplishments of the past, and define a path for the future that will solidify its position as one
of the premiere Ukrainian choirs in North America.

“As we start the planning process for our 50th anniversary next year, we felt this is the ideal time to survey the entire choral landscape to help us find a conductor who can help bring us to the next level,” says Board Chairman Christopher Sklepowich. “Winnipeg’s Ukrainian community is an extremely vibrant part of our cultural mosaic. We are excited to find an individual who can harness the talent within our group, and guide our artistic vision to help Hoosli continue to be a proud ambassador of our culture and our community.”

Hoosli is a community-based all-male choir that sings in four-part male harmony, and has a repertoire that encompasses an incredible breadth of Ukrainian music, including compositions and arrangements from an illustrious list of the most renowned musical talents of Ukraine and North America. Featuring works by names like Bortniansky, Lysenko, and Kytasty, and especially the poignant lyrics of Taras Shevchenko, the library of Hoosli’s music is a boldly expressive history of Ukrainian culture, preserved through song. Hoosli has also garnered international attention for their powerful renditions of the American and Canadian national anthems at select Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Goldeyes, and Winnipeg Blue Bomber home games.

“Having worked with several talented choral conductors over the years, Hoosli has consistently delivered on its mission to preserve and nurture the rich history of Ukrainian choral music,” says Search Committee Chairman Dr. Mark Karpa. “With the artistic landscape around us constantly evolving, we are looking for an individual that will not only help us strengthen what this choir is, but also help us discover what we can become.”

Interested parties are invited to visit Hoosli’s website ( to learn more about the group, and how to submit an application to become the next Conductor of Hoosli.

About Hoosli

Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus was founded in Winnipeg in the fall of 1969, by alumni of the former St. Vladimir’s College (Minor Seminary) in Roblin, Manitoba, Canada. Hoosli’s main objectives are to contribute to the development of Canadian culture by promoting and preserving Ukrainian cultural traditions; to educate the public about the origins of Ukrainian performing arts; and to encourage and enhance understanding and appreciation of Ukrainian-Canadian cultural traditions. Over the past 49 years, more than 160 men have poured their hearts and souls into Hoosli, and have helped pass on the fire and spirit of the Kozaky to this day.

Hoosli has performed all over North America, recorded ten albums, and continually strives to inspire audiences with the majestic sound of four-part male harmony.


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