Hoosli Receives Community Service Award

Hoosli is honoured to have received the Community Service Award from City of Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman last night! An excellent way to help us celebrate 50 years of spirit and song!

Thank you for the warm reception, and to the City Councillors and staff that came out!

Of course, you cannot have that many Hoosli members in the same room without a few songs breaking out! We loved singing at Winnipeg City Hall – the acoustics in the building are pretty impressive!

Hoosli received the Community Service Award from the City of Winnipeg for 50 years of service to the community. Pictured: Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus with His Worship Mayor Brian Bowman, Deputy Mayor Councillor Markus Chambers, Councillor Sheri Rollins and Councillor Scott Gillingham.



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