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Play, Minstrel, Play

Title : Play, Minstrel, Play - Грай, Кобзарю, Грай
Release Date : January 1, 2003
Format : CD
  1. Грай, Кобзарю, грай (Play, Minstrel, Play)
  2. Думи мої (Thoughts of Mine)
  3. Ой, на горі (Oh, on the Hill)
  4. По садочку ходжу (Strolling in the Orchard)
  5. Дума з "Невольника" (Duma [epic] from "The Captive")
  6. Богородице, спаси (Mother of God, Redeem Us)
  7. В’язанка: Ревуть, стогнуть гори хвилі та Засвистали козаченьки (Medley: The Waves Roar & The Kozaks Whistled Going off to Battle)
  8. Гей, на горі там женці жнуть (The Harvesters on the Hill)
  9. Мої ясени (My Sycamores)
  10. Чорна хмара з-за лиману (Black Clouds Over the Delta)
  11. Грай, бандуро, грай (Play, Bandura, Play)
  12. Пиймо, друзі! (Friends, Let Us Drink!)
  13. Встає хмара (The Mist Rises from the Delta)
  14. Полтавський марш (Poltavan March)
  15. Вечір надворі (In the Evening)
  16. Не громи в степах гудуть (It is not Thunder in the Steppes)
  17. Реве та стогне Дніпр широкий (The Mighty Dnipro Roars and Moans)

In this album, Hoosli proudly presents a selection of beloved religious, historical, patriotic, and romantic songs. God, Ukraine, freedom, love, and beauty – these concepts summarize the themes of most Ukrainian songs. Over the many centuries Ukrainians have fought constantly for freedom and independence from invaders and imperialists. This intense struggle is told in the songs from many generations of freedom fighters…and the love songs speak for themselves!


  • William Solomon


First Tenors

  • Myles Burdeniuk
  • Jim Dudych
  • Lawrence Grzenda
  • Cory Kohut
  • Ivan Maluzynsky
  • Nick Sirdar
  • Harry Szkwarek
  • Bob Zaporozan
  • Mike Zakaluzny

Second Tenors

  • Don Cilinski
  • Joe Dudych
  • Myron Halayda
  • Myron Kurjewicz
  • Gary Lukie
  • Myron Radawetz
  • Michael Ryczak
  • Chris Sklepowich
  • Marc Storozuk


  • Andy Bereznycky
  • Joe Coffey
  • Stefan Duplak
  • Mark Karpa
  • Mike Labay
  • Leo Luch
  • Greg Solomon
  • George Stolarskyj


  • Bill Chabluk
  • Tom Dudych
  • Walter Dudych
  • Dennis Krawec
  • Alex Kryschuk
  • Russ Luch
  • Paul Mayba
  • Mark Turman