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Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus
Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus
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Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus
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William Solomon - Conductor
Board of Directors
Artistic Committee
Past Conductors


The following members make up the Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus.

First Tenors Second Tenors Baritones Basses
Myles Burdeniuk
Myron Burdeniuk
Scott Chabluk
Jim Dudych
Lawrence Grzenda
Chris Rawluk
Mark Shawarsky
Harry Szkwarek
John Tanner
Ivas Chabluk
Don Cilinsky
Bennie Gusnowsky
Gary Lukie
Myron Radawetz
Christopher Sklepowich
Marc Storozuk
Julian Burdeniuk
Ihor Holovko
Mark Karpa
Ken Kuchma
Mike Labay
Brian Lukie
Simeon Rusnak
Bill Chabluk
Mikhas Chabluk
Tom Dudych
Vasyl' Maluzynsky
Roman Szczerba
Mark Turman
Oleh Zmiyiwsky

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William Soloman - ConductorWilliam Solomon - Conductor
1985 – 2002, 2005 – present

William Solomon, himself blessed with a rich baritone voice, was born in Fork River, Manitoba. Upon being exposed to the music and culture of his Ukrainian heritage while growing up in the Gilbert Plains and Dauphin areas, he began his music career as a boy soprano in the Manitoba Music Festival.

In 1947, he moved to Winnipeg and attended St. Andrews College where he participated in ethnic and religious choral music and also demonstrated his talent in the Ukrainian dance art form, serving as lead dancer and instructor. His primary interest has always been in choral music, however, and in 1949, he became a member of the Ukrainian Male Chorus conducted by Walter Bohonos, with whom he furthered his vocal training.

In developing his career in music, Bill also performed with numerous other Winnipeg-based choirs, including the Holy Trinity Cathedral Choir, a sextet known and the "Continentals" and the Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association choir and dance ensemble which he organized and conducted. He was invited to join the Kerr Wilson Male Voice Choir, expanded his vocal training under the tutorship of Kerr Wilson, and became a member of the renowned O. Koshetz Mixed Choir under the direction of Walter Klymkiw. He later assumed the position of conductor of that choir's male contingent and in 1981, became conductor of the Holy Trinity Cathedral Youth Choir while also leading the Cathedral Ladies Chorus.

In 1985, Bill accepted an invitation to conduct the Hoosli Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus.

William Solomon nurtured his extensive musical talent by training under the maestri mentioned earlier, as well as A. Avdievsky from Ukraine. By virtue of that good fortune and his love for the choral aspect of his cultural heritage, he is committed to excellence in presenting the art form to the public.

In 2002, Bill took a break from the maddening task of babysitting 35 grown men on Wednesday nights, but has recently returned on the condition that we act our ages.

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Board of Directors

Christopher Sklepowich (Chair)
Wally Lytwyn (Vice-Chair)
MaryAnn Labay (Secretary)
Julian Burdeniuk (Treasurer)
Bill Chabluk (Member Rep)
Ken Bailey
Myron Burdeniuk
Dan Chase
Yvonne Hawryliuk
Donna Korban
Mike Labay
Gerry May

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Artistic Committee

Myles Burdeniuk
Tom Dudych
Yvonne Hawryliuk
Ken Kuchma
Christopher Sklepowich
William Solomon

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Past Conductors
Over the past 40 years, Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus has been graced with four skilled conductors and over 100 alumni members, contributing to song, music and dance.

Walter Zulak Walter Zulak
Conductor: 1969-1980

Inspired by the talent and dedication of Dr. Paul Macenko, his choir director at St. Vladimir's College, Walter Zulak, with a handful of graduates, formed the St. Vladimir's College Alumni Choir. As a student of St. Vladimir's, Walter acquired a great love of Ukrainian music by singing in the College choir. He was also very fortunate to be selected by Dr. Macenko to attend private lessons to learn the art of directing a choir. Dr. Macenko not only taught him many intricate techniques, but also spoke of the music and history of the many composers.

Walter directed Hoosli from 1969 to 1980, when he left with his family, to live in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Although distance separated him from the boys he loved, he kept in touch and would attend their performances whenever possible.
Michael Zakaluzny Michael Zakaluzny
Conductor: 1980-1985

After graduating from St. Vladimir's College in the summer of 1973, Michael Zakaluzny joined Hoosli as a member of the baritone section. Because of Michael's musical background, Walter Zulak approached him to assume responsibilities as choir director, when Walter moved from Winnipeg in 1980. Michael's task was enormous in that he had to maintain repertoire and membership while "learning the ropes" through on-the-job training.

Michael obtained assistance and expertise from individuals such as Tom Sobkow and Brian Cherwick, and, with them, instigated the team concept of direction for Hoosli. The team efforts revitalized Hoosli and achieved numerous successes throughout Michael's tenure as choir director. With the introduction of William Solomon as choral director in 1985, Michael assumed the role as assistant choral director, and, as such, maintained his role as an artistic team member.
Michael Ryczak Michael Ryczak
Conductor: 2002-2005

Michael Ryczak began his musical training with accordion lessons at the age of five, and enjoyed a childhood enriched by many gifted Ukrainian music and dance teachers in Winnipeg, including his godfather, a fine baritone and violinist. By the age of fourteen, Michael had become an accomplished accordionist, and had taught himself to play the piano, organ, violin, viola and guitar. He played and acted in many school productions. He was a member of the 'Homyn' youth orchestra and toured North America with the Chai Folk Ensemble.

While in junior high school, Michael began to play the organ, as well as cantor for church weddings. Weekends were spent playing a variety of other instruments and singing in several popular dance bands. After university, in 1979, he formed the 'New Life Singers', a folk group which sang many liturgical services in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In 1981, he was appointed Musical Director of St. Vladimir's College in Roblin, Manitoba, where he conducted and managed concert tours to many parts of Western Canada.

In 1987, Michael was invited to join Hoosli as a singer, and soon became the choir's musical accompanist. In 1991, Michael became the Associate Conductor of the Hoosli Ukrainian Folk Ensemble, and was appointed the full time Conductor and Artistic Director in 2002. Michael also conducts the St. Joseph's Ukrainian Catholic Church Choir in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Cory Anderson Jim Keller Tim Osachuk
Ken Bailey +Gary Kinaschuk Mark Patson
Gregory Balak Mike Klym Ted Perich
Andrij Bereznycky Julian Klymkiw Dave Phil
Victor Bodnarchuk +Mike Kohaykewych Merv Picklyk
Dave Bodykevich Cory Kohut Mark Procyshyn
+Peter Bohdanowycz Jim Kohut Merv Prosak
+Nestor Bohonos Terry Kolomaya Matthew Prychun
Hon. Don Bryk Jay Korban Mike Rawluk
Tom Bryk Tom Koroluk Ken Romaniuk
Rev. Archpriest Dr. Jaroslaw Buciora Bob Kosc Patrick Romano
John Budyk Dave Kosc Peter Rudiak
Ken Budyk Ken Kosc Michael Ryczak
Nestor Budyk Henry Kotyk Walter Saranchuk
Colin Burdeniuk Peter Kowal Andrij Semaniuk
Gerard Bzdel Ron Kozak Roman Semaniuk
Edward Carriere Peter Krasny +Cecil Semchyshyn
Brian Cherwick Dennis Krawec Wayne Senick
Rev. Fr. Lt. Col. Terry Cherwick Alex Kryschuk Andy Seniuk
Hon. Dave Chomiak Peter Kubish Oleh Shawarsky
Joe Coffey Roman Kukura Fr. John Sianchuk
Orest Deneka Terry Kulyk John Sirdar
Russ Dorosh Walter Kulyk Nick Sirdar
Joe Dudych Myron Kurjewicz Wally Skakun
+Joe Dudych Mike Kuzyk Walter Skakun
Walter Dudych Myron Kuzyk Donald Sobkow
Andy Duplak Patrick Kuzyk Tom Sobkow
Stefan Duplak Tim Kuzyk Greg Solomon
Bill Roman Evanochko Danny Lega Terry Solomon
Zenon Fedory Leo Luch George Stolarskyj
Andrew Galarnyk Russ Luch Terry Stychyshyn
Bohdan Gembarsky Paul Luchko Stephen Sumka
Steve Gembarsky Mike Luczka Tim Swynar
Peter Gnutel Al Lukie +Walter Szutiak
Dan Gusztak Chris Lukie Jerome Thoms
Leo Gusztak Ron Lukie Greg Udod
Clare Hadewich Tim Lukie Alex Washchyshyn
Myron Halayda Walter Lytwyn Dennis Wawrykow
Ray Hancharuk Andrew Maksymetz Garrett Wazny
Mark Harapiak Dennis Maksymetz Ronald Wizniak
Colin Hardy Ivan Maluzynsky Gregory Yakimischak
Hon. Ben Hewak Nathan Mandziuk Dan Yarko
+Walter Hewak John Mayba Bohdan Zajcew
Ihor Hluszok Paul Mayba Mike Zakaluzny
Ihor Holinka Markian McColl +Bob Zaporozan
Ihor Holowczynsky Andrew Misiak Taras Zaporozan
+Denis Jacques Joe Mushaluk Very Rev. Dr. Greg Zubacz
Dave Jandrish Greg Musick Bill Zulak
+Mel Kaban Danylo Myhal Walter Zulak

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